We are developers of green hydrogen ecosystems.

What exactly does it mean?

Impacting today for a Sustainable Future

In a world where the urgency to combat climate change grows by the day, innovative solutions are paramount in our journey towards a more environmentally-friendly future. Green hydrogen offers a versatile solution to some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.


Our aim is to harness hydrogen where it can have the most significant impact: decarbonising energy intensive industries, storing surplus renewable energy, and enhancing heavy-duty transport with longer ranges, quicker refuelling times, and greater operational flexibility.

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Creating ecosystems

Creating ecosystems

Our ecosystems encompass production, distribution, and consumption. This enables a balanced and progressive adoption of green hydrogen. Our approach stimulates growth in both demand and supply.


Our collaborative efforts bring together policy makers, public opinion, and private enterprises, all working towards cultivating a more sustainable future, with the aim to leave a lasting, positive impact for generations to come.

Our corporate structure

Our projects draw upon experienced players in the energy sector.

Our corporate structure


  • Trafigura is a leading supplier of energy and commodities, sourcing, storing, transporting, and delivering a range of raw materials to clients. 
  • The company plays a crucial role in the projects by supplying the critical electricity at competitive market prices.
  • Crucially, Trafigura co-founded Nala Renewables in 2020 to develop solar, wind and power storage projects.

H2 Energy AG

  • H2 Energy AG successfully developed an ecosystem in Switzerland without direct government subsidies. The ecosystem includes industrial partners such as Hyundai Motors, Alpiq and Linde.
  • H2 Energy brings technical expertise, experience and innovation to the table.

H2 Energy Europe

H2 Energy Europe is a joint venture between Trafigura and H2 Energy, established in 2021 to build green hydrogen ecosystems in Europe.


Our team

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Julien Rolland



Patrick Huber

Head of Project Finance


Christos Kosmas





Establishment of H2 Energy AG in Zurich, Switzerland


Introduction of the Swiss green hydrogen ecosystem



Construction of hydrogen production facilities, containers, and refuelling stations in Switzerland

Formation of Hydrospider in partnership with Alpiq/Linde

Joint venture (JV) with Hyundai


Trafigura invested USD 62 million in H2 Energy AG



Initiation of Njordkraft, a 1-Gigawatt project in Denmark

Establishment of H2 Energy Europe

Formation of H2 Energy Esbjerg


Initiation of West Wales Hydrogen, a 20MW project in South Wales

Formation of H2 Energy UK



Scaling the Swiss ecosystem into the German market with the establishment of H2 Energy Deutschland GmbH.

Njordkraft receives environmental approval from Esbjerg Municipality

West Wales Hydrogen is granted funding from the UK government’s Hydrogen Business Model and Net Zero Hydrogen Fund

Trafigura becomes the majority owner of H2 Energy Europe


H2 Energy Europe launches Mint Hydrogen for the development of hydrogen refuelling stations across Germany, Austria and Denmark.