1GW of green hydrogen, a game changer for sustainable energy in Europe

The Njordkraft project involves the construction of a 1GW green hydrogen production facility in Esbjerg, Denmark. This initiative has great potential to become a fundamental component of Europe’s transition, setting new standards for innovation and sustainability.

Njordkraft Hydrogen case study

Key Data

Esbjerg, Denmark
1 GW
1 GW
Hydrogen plant
Tonnes green hydrogen produced p.a.
1.4 million
1.4 million
Tonnes CO2 avoidance p.a.
PEM electrolyser technology
COD planned for 2028

Strategic location

Njordkraft Hydrogen will source electricity from existing and future offshore wind farms with a connection point at the Endrup substation, 17 km north-east of the site. Esbjerg’s strategic location optimises the plant’s integration with existing pipeline networks, fostering cost-competitive hydrogen markets and enhancing cross-border trade, especially between Denmark and Germany. This placement ensures access to key markets and underpins the project’s viability.

Transition in action

Hydrogen is set to be distributed across Denmark, as well as to Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, through a transport pipeline being constructed under the joint responsibility of these countries.  A significant portion of the hydrogen produced is expected to be utilised by Germany, supporting its transition to net-zero emissions in sectors such as steel production, on-road mobility, heat and power generation, and other industrial operations.

Commitment to Safety

We have measures in place to ensure compliance, safety, and sustainability in our operations. Working alongside expert assurance providers, we verify compliant and safe designs, conduct risk assessments, adhere to industry practices for innovative technologies, and perform sustainability impact studies. Importantly, we have secured environmental approval from the municipality of Esbjerg, demonstrating our commitment to responsible production practices

Local Benefits

The facility will generate valuable by-products: residual water treated and discharged into the sea by Esbjerg Municipality, oxygen released into the atmosphere, and excess heat supplied to the local district heating network.

The project will contribute to the local economy by creating approximately 60 permanent jobs and up to 700 jobs during the construction phase.

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