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We are dedicated to helping achieve the ambitious renewable energy targets set by the European Commission and the European Union. These targets, which include producing 20 million tons of renewable hydrogen and attaining a minimum of 42.5% renewable energy by 2030, represent a fundamental shift towards a sustainable energy future. By focusing on large-scale green hydrogen ecosystems, we aim to meet these targets, paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy landscape in Europe.

Our large-scale projects

Our large-scale projects

Our projects are essential in replacing fossil fuels—natural gas, coal, and oil—in sectors where decarbonisation poses the greatest challenge.  Our commitment is further exemplified by our major projects, each addressing unique aspects of the hydrogen value chain and different parts of Europe:

Njordkraft Hydrogen:

A 1GW green hydrogen production facility in Esbjerg, Denmark, this mega project harnesses the power of offshore wind to create clean energy.
Njordkraft Hydrogen

West Wales Hydrogen:

Situated in Milford Haven, South Wales, this 20MW green hydrogen production facility capitalizes on the expansion of UK offshore wind energy.
West Wales Hydrogen

Mint Hydrogen:

Envisioning a future of eco-friendly mobility, we are rolling out a hydrogen filling station network across Germany, with sites along major transport routes. RFNBO-grade hydrogen is supplies through our container-based logistics system. 
Mint Hydrogen

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