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Green hydrogen can be integrated into existing energy systems, mobility solutions, and industrial sectors, ensuring its availability and usability across a broad spectrum of applications.

Game-changer for energy intensive industries

Green hydrogen plays a transformative role in energy intensive industries, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. It serves as a substitute for coal or natural gas, especially in steel and cement production processes. It replaces fossil-based hydrogen in the production of various chemicals, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. Its use in the production of plastic solutions leads to lower emissions, marking a significant step towards eco-friendlier manufacturing practices.

Storage for better energy management

Green hydrogen plays a crucial role in providing grid flexibility, as it allows for the storage of energy for when it is needed most. This is particularly valuable when faced with an excess of renewable energy, which can be efficiently converted into green hydrogen through the process of electrolysis, ensuring an optimal use of renewable energy sources when needed at a later time and date.

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Mint Hydrogen – Refuelling stations for tomorrow's zero-emission mobility

Mint Hydrogen - Refuelling stations for tomorrow's zero-emission mobility

The unique properties of green hydrogen make it an ideal energy source for powering fuel cells in heavy-duty vehicles. Trucks, buses, and logistics fleets stand to benefit immensely from the switch to hydrogen fuel cells. Unlike diesel engines, hydrogen fuel cells emit only water vapor and heat, drastically reducing the environmental impact of transportation. This aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and promotes cleaner air quality. 

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