Our culture

Our dynamic team thrives in a startup-like atmosphere that values diversity across ages and nationalities. Innovation and creative thinking are not just encouraged but celebrated and encouraged. We work in a constantly evolving environment. This is why our culture is anchored in four key pillars: integrity, collaboration, open communication, and a deep sense of unity. We believe these values build a strong foundation to navigate the development of a new sector.


We are developing large-scale green hydrogen ecosystems that are set to transform the European energy system and our team is willing to adapt and shift gears when necessary, providing each other crucial support.


At H2 Energy Europe, we are building a team of like-minded individuals who are very excited about this journey and are passionate about contributing to the development of the green hydrogen ecosystems and eager to make a tangible impact on environmental sustainability.


Does this sound like you?


Age range

How we hire

We believe in a hiring process that’s not just about finding the right candidates but also about creating an exciting journey for both our team and potential new members. Our process is designed to be proactive yet relaxed and human, allowing us to get to know each other.



We kick things off with a CV screening to learn more about your background, skills, and experiences. Our goal is to determine if there is a good match between your aspirations and our requirements. We truly appreciate the time you took to apply. Therefore, expect to hear from us within approximately two weeks.

1st Interview

This is where things get more interesting for you and us if we think there might be a match. We dive deeper into your previous experiences, your career aspirations and how you can contribute to our success. It is a two-way street, as we also take this chance to introduce you to the world of H2 Energy Europe and the role you are seeking. We even get down the nitty-gritty details, like salary expectations and your notice period.

2nd Interview

Here, we turn up the heat a bit. We get into the technical details and role-specific questions, making sure you will add value in the right places. It is also a chance to revisit any question marks from our first meeting. You will also get to meet more of the amazing team members at H2 Energy Europe and some of the management team. We will ask for your references and employment certificates in this step. If needed, you might meet the Trafigura team. We will facilitate this meeting to ensure everyone is aligned and excited about the prospect of working together.

Reference check + previous employment certificates

We are just being thorough here. We will give your references a call and verify your previous employment certificates. It’s all part of ensuring we are sure about our decision to hire you.


If we are all on the same page, our HR team will extend the offer to you. Once you have accepted, we will send over the employment contract, and that is when the real adventure begins – the onboarding process.

Frequently asked questions

How does the company support diversity and inclusion?
We are all about creating a space where everyone feels valued and respected, no matter their gender, age, or where they are from. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is grounded in recognizing what each person brings to the table – their skills and talents. We are working hard to build a workplace that is open to different ideas and where everyone is encouraged to authentically express themselves at work.
How can I get prepared for my interview with H2 Energy Europe?
First, breathe, stay calm and be yourself. We want to know your real you. Get prepared by learning about us. Take time to read our website, articles, and visit our LinkedIn page. Reflect on how passionate and excited you are to contribute to our mission and be ready to elaborate on how you can contribute to our success. All of this will help you connect with us on a deeper level. Finally, be curious, develop real questions you’d like answers to so that you can explore this potential relationship.
How long on average does the entire hiring process take?
From the time you send us your CV to signing of the contract, our entire process takes up to 2 months.

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