Producing green hydrogen to meet your business needs.

PtX – a significant enabler of a sustainable energy system.

Power to X plays a pivotal role in the production of green hydrogen, which is emerging as a cornerstone in the shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon energy ecosystem. At the heart of this process is the use of surplus electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, to drive the electrolysis of water. This process consists in splitting water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) efficiently using electricity. 


The production of high-purity green hydrogen through this method ensures its suitability for a variety of applications, including energy intensive industries and  heavy transportation.

Prioritising safety in our operations

Hydrogen is relatively safe to handle, transport and store. Clear safety protocols have been developed in recent years to ensure the highest standards. It is non-toxic, dissipates rapidly upon release, and cannot naturally stay at a concentration that would allow it to burn or even detonate.


We also have additional measures in place, including working with expert assurance providers who focus on  compliance, safety, and sustainability, bringing a wealth of experience to our production. They are instrumental in verifying compliant and safe designs, conducting risk assessments, ensuring adherence to industry practices for innovative technologies, and performing sustainability impact studies.

Prioritising safety in our operations

Explore the advantages of decarbonising your operations with green hydrogen

Utilising green hydrogen for high-temperature heat and chemical processes

Sustainable processes

Green hydrogen provides a carbon-neutral solution for high-temperature heat and chemical processes, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting eco-friendly manufacturing.

Grid stability and energy storage

Grid stability and storage

It serves as a flexible energy carrier for balancing the grid and storing surplus renewable energy, enhancing energy security and efficiency.

Alignment with regulatory goals

Financial and regulatory incentives

Enables access to clean energy incentives and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

Long-term cost reductions

Cost efficiency

As green hydrogen technology advances, its production costs decrease, offering a long-term, cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels.

Energy independence

Energy independence

Reduces your reliance on imported fuels and insulates your company from the volatility of global energy markets.

Innovation leadership

Innovation and market leadership

Establishes your company as a sustainability and innovation leader, improving competitive advantage.

Incentives and compliance

Incentives and compliance

Gives you access to financial incentives for clean energy adoption.

Incorporating green hydrogen into your energy mix is not just an environmental decision but a strategic business move.

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