20MW green hydrogen production facility for West Wales

The West Wales Hydrogen project involves the construction of a 20 MW green hydrogen production facility in the South of Wales.


The production site is located in Puma Energy’s hydrocarbon storage and distribution terminal in Milford Haven, situated on a former oil refinery. The terminal, part of the Celtic Freeport, is already equipped with 63 storage tanks, a comprehensive network of pipelines connecting storage and jetty facilities, and road and rail loading capabilities.

West Wales case study

Key Data

Milford Haven, South Wales
Hydrogen plant
Tonnes green hydrogen produced p.a.
Tonnes CO2 avoidance p.a.
PEM electrolyser technology
COD planned for 2026

The energy required for this project will be sourced from both new and already operating renewable energy sources (mainly wind farms) in the UK. The hydrogen produced, expected to be around 4-5 tons per day, will be primarily used to decarbonise port and industrial operations within South Wales. Additionally, the project is set to create 17 permanent jobs, contributing to the local economy and community sustainability.

West Wales Hydrogen marks a substantial advancement in harnessing renewable energy for sustainable hydrogen production, aligning with the UK’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Standards. These standards are crucial for ensuring that hydrogen production contributes effectively to the country’s carbon reduction goals. By adhering to these guidelines, the initiative sets a precedent for future green energy projects in the UK, demonstrating a commitment to both innovation and environmental responsibility.

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