"A Coffee with H2 Energy Europe" – The role of green hydrogen in the energy transition

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May 27, 2024
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Dive into the discussion from “A Coffee with H2 Energy Europe,” where Patrick Huber, Chairman of the Board at H2 Energy Europe, and Andreas Wenzel, CEO of the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce explore the crucial impact of green hydrogen in shaping Europe’s energy future.


In this 30-minute talk, held in collaboration with the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce, we unpack the significance of the recent “German-Danish Offtake Declaration on Green Hydrogen.”


Learn about the challenges, strategies, and essential conditions for advancing green hydrogen initiatives as highlighted by our experts.


Discover insights on:
– Denmark’s journey towards a green hydrogen economy
– Key lessons from Switzerland’s hydrogen initiatives
– Developing Germany’s green hydrogen export potential
– The broader role of hydrogen in sustainable energy transitions



Source: https://www.handelskammer.dk/da/newsroom/nyhedsbreve/online-udsendelser/a-coffee-with